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Chairmans Message

Respected Chief Guest of the Evening Sri Srinivasan, Editor, Hindu Businessline, Respected Sri TCAG Nagarajan, My Principal from Salem Sowdeswari College, My Chairman Sri CA A.V.Arun, Managing Committee Members, Past Chairmen of Salem Branch of SIRC of ICAI, Fellow Professionals, Friends and Guests Vanakkam

I want to say My First Vanakkam to my Late father Sri G.Vadivelu who gave me a good education and life by sacrificing his life . He was the person who made me proud to stand before you.

My Second Vanakkam is to my family members comprising of my Amma Ramathilagam, Wife Rajakala, Daughters Rupapriya and Divya Swaroopini, son in laws Selvan and Karthik and my Brother Babu and his family. They are the backbone of my life. With their full hearted support I proudly say that I have reached this height in my life as a successful Family man.

With My father’s blessing I want to start my Acceptance Speech.

Up to the year 1976, our Salem has got no B.Com classes. Salem Sowdeswari College has introduced B.Com for the first time in Salem. When I approached the college for a B.Com Seat as per the advice of my father, the College administration denied the seat by saying that myself and my other 4 classmates of Government Art College Salem 8 have secured more than 80% marks and also for some other reasons. Evening by 4.00 Clock, I have been asked to come inside by my Principal Sri TCAG Nagarajan along with my father . We went inside the Principal Chamber and on seeing the marks and other categories , I have been given the B.Com seat. Besides my Principal Sri TCAG Nagarajan has allotted B.Com seats to my other 4 friends. We used to call at the college as FIVE MEN ARMY.. Now I proud to say that All the Five students who have been given seat in B.Com by the Principal are well settled in life. In my life I will not forget my Principal Sri TCAG Nagarajan. That is why I have requested my Managing Committee members to consider the name of Sri TCAG Nagarajan as “Guest of Honour”. The committee members have immediately accepted my request and allowing Sri TCAG Nagarajan as Guest of Honour to this Installation Function.

I have joined the CA Course in the year 1979 under late Sri T.S.Sankararaman (TSS). TSS has got me the registration under Sri CA .V.C.Sekar of Rasipuram. I have cleared my intermediate examination in November 1980. During 1981, I have been selected as Probationary Officer of a Bank . When my father approached TSS, he advised me to continue the profession and never allowed my father to take decision to send me any job, as I have already completed CA Intermediate Examinations. Our Institute says one has to have depth knowledge in all subjects to complete the CA Examinations. Yes I have cleared the CA Final Examination in the Ninth Attempt in November 1986 after obtaining depth knowledge in all subjects. With his blessings I have started my Professional Career. Even I am proud to say always that I was the first apprentice to clear CA Examinations under CA.V.C.Sekar. I bow to CA.V.C.Sekar Sir at this time.

On behalf of my Managing Committee, I personally thank all the Salem Members who have faith in allowing us to lead this Salem Branch of SIRC of ICAI for the year 2017-18. In the last year i.e 2016-17, I was the Vice Chairman of your Branch. On seeing me in the Elected committee members list, few of our Members and Past Chairmen came to me and said … Mr. Ravindran we know that you are a very strong objector of mistakes and faults. We know that you will scold them without mercy if they commit any mistake .. We request that you should not open your Mouth and keep quite. You have to get the permission of your Chairman and other committee members and try to solve the problems. I enjoyed the order of those members and kept “mum” in entire 2016-17 period. I have opened my mouth only at 3 occasions, when our branch committee members felt that those situations were worse. I successfully participated and helped the committee members to take good decisions. It is a very good experience and I have learned a lot in keeping my mouth shut. Thanks to my Few Fellow members and Past Chairmen who advised me.

From 1991- 1996 I was the Secretary of our Salem Branch for continuous 5 years and have become SICASA chairman for one year . I was in the committee under the leadership of Sri G.Ranganathan, Sri Chandraguptha and Sri Sriraman. I have learned a lot from them in all fields of administration. When I was there in the Committee as a Committee member our Salem Branch has got the “Building”. Now this year I am in the committee as a Committee member , our Salem branch is going to have Additional Structure to the Existing Building. I hope that the Building Structural Construction will be over within a period of 3 months from now.

My sincere respect and vanakkam goes to my Past Chairmen Sri CA.Venkatraman, Sri G.Ranganathan, Sri Chandraguptha, Sri M.V.Rangarrajan, Sri VS Varatharajan, Sri Sriraman, Sri Viswanathan, Sri Ramadurai, Sri G.Suresh, Sri Natarajan, Sri Gowthaman, Sri Chennakesavan, Sri Sakthivel, Sri G.Sekar, Sri R.Gunasekaran Sri Madhukar, Sri Jayaparakash and Sri Janab Sowkath Ali . I have learned a lot from these past Chairmen what to do and what not to do. Every past chairmen which I have mentioned above have got tremendous skill and knowledge.

Now I want to say about my Chairman Sri CA.A.V.Arun. I wondered about his management skills. He is always a Frontliner to take decisions. When our Salem branch incurred a loss due to the reasons known to all of us, he only made our Salem Branch to come out all crisis and our branch is in good and comfortable position now. He advised all our Committee members in the right directions. He has taken a lot of good decisions.

He is a good administrator…

he is a good leader..

he is a good dictator..

he is a good communicator..

he is a Good Time management person..

he is a Humorous guy.. he is a good Scolder..

he is a good lover of / for Students..

he is a good human being..

He is a good sportsman..

He is being liked and loved by committee members of other branches of SIRC of ICAI.

why not he is the person which I personally admire and feel a suitable Chairman to fulfill all management terms…His vision to lead our Salem Chapter is entirely different from other Past Chairmen… He has learnt a lot from past chairmen and he delivered the success to our Salem Branch in a different manner … I am proud to say that if any one is with Arun and discuss their problems, then you will be the successful person of life with his solutions. I salute my Chairman Sri A.V.Arun at this juncture and wish him a good success.

May I be permitted to begin my term with the following lines of Adhi Shankara’s Glorification of India as “JANANI, JANMABOOMICHA SWARGADAPI GARIASI” – meaning “Our Mother, Our Motherland, higher than Heaven itself”.

We, the Chartered Accountants is primarily a section of our nation -- a responsible section, with scholarship. Our contribution to Society at large is spearhead by ICAI New Delhi with vision & Mission Statements. We are partners in Nation Building.

We, the members of the Salem Branch are a part of the ICAI New Delhi and share the apex body’s objectives, of course, the issues and challenges we face at National level and Regional level are different from the local and Branch level. Now it is time to take stock of the role of the Branch and measure our performance whether the local business communities are really benefitted by our knowledge and skills. In fact whether we are aware of the needs of the business and other communities. Whether the Branch Management, sensitized the members of the Branch, particularly new entrants to the profession and whether we have made available to the business communities our available capabilities for their needs. In fact my first priority is to create such a facility. Equally our team is responsible to create facility to the members who aspire to hone their skills which will cater to the upcoming newer needs of the society. Example: skills for STARTUPS, “Make India” of the Central Govt, “Smart City” projects. It is time to think ahead and also as a body socially useful, “Accessibility” is important and in this connection, the Institute Branch’s website will be refurbished. This Managing Council will provide useful links of all the Governmental and Non Governmental websites, and will host the members directory – old and new entrants.

The Managing Committees of the Salem Branch over the past 3 decades or more have worked hard towards that end. But this is an age of uncertainity. There is a vast change of the business models, change of priorities. Therefore, the Managing Committee at the present juncture is to make a reappraisal of its traditional objectives and already the erstwhile Managing Committees has begun the same. But of late it is a cause for concern that members are not volunteering themselves to serve the Branch by participating in the Branch Elections as candidates. It is a matter that when I learnt that there was no one to contest the election. I volunteered myself even though I have served the Branch some 2 decades ago. The first challenge is that there are many members who are otherwise willing to contest the elections but they have inhibitions to overcome. This team will persuade more and more members to serve as members in the managing body, to shed the complex and to enter into the election arena.

2. It is an innovation that the potentials of the nearby branches are combined when we organized conference under the banner “ Panchabootha Conference”. The Branch would organize “ Thematie Conferences “ which are of branch relevant at the same time useful to the local community. Composition of the vertical integration of the members from pan India cities, with specialized talents would benefit the Branches.

3. Accounting Technicians course in the Institute is to be popularized. The Accountants with lesser knowledge of accounting principles and techniques, are making our professional functions to say the least nightmarish. They do not do justice to their employers. The Branch was the first to hold “ Accountants Meet”, It is not a one day affair. The Managing Committee welcomes suggestions from members how they can be fine tuned and suited to member’s needs. This challenge we practically face every Year, when we are to face compliance deadlines.

4. A list of the members in practice will be hosted in the website for ensuring that the person chosen by them is really a member of the Institute Competent to do the functions expected of him.

5. This leads me to address the question of identity of the admitted clients. Banks, Insurance Companies and others are to admit only clients after they comply with the KYC norms. This Branch persuades all the members, admit new clients only after complying with the KYC norms. This is a challenge to all the members the consequences of non compliance is still not within the comprehension of the members.

6. This committee wants to interact with the members only through “e-mails”. The details of meeting will be Communicated through “E-Mails” as done now and expects the members to respond through return mail their decision to attend or otherwise.

7. Last but not least, the professional challenges that we face today can be converted into opportunities numbering 30 according to one of our own members of ICAI. in CA.Rajkumar S Adukia to know more about. It is matter that there are challenges to face and it is altogether a different matter that we the members should recognize that there are challenges, understand their magnitude and seek ways to overcome. The need of the hour is to form a forum of “Supportive Members” with the liberal minded professional elders. This calls for a give and take outlook and a grateful outlook from both sides with these words I conclude my speech with the following quotes.

To be a champion, I think you have to see the big picture. It’s not about winning and losing; it’s about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge . It’s about embracing the pain that you will experience at the end of a race and not being afraid. I think people think too hard and get afraid of a certain challenge.

Our uniqueness, our individuality and our life experience molds us into fascinating beings . I hope we can embrace that. I pray we may all challenge ourselves to delve into the deepest resources of our hearts to cultivate an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, tolerance and compassion. We are all in this life together.

Life is a song… sing it

Life is a game.. play it

Life is a it

Life is a dream .. realize it

Life is a sacrifice .. offer it

Life is love .. enjoy it.

With this proud word, I wish to accept my Chairmanship of Salem branch of SIRC of ICAI for the year 2017-18 alongwith my committee members Sri S.Suresh Kumar as Vice Chairman, Sri R. Baskar as Secretary, R. Sri Krishnan as Treasurer and Sri A.V.Arun as SICASA Chairman. I promise before you that I will definitely uphold the image of our Salem Branch as Chairman


Salem Branch of SIRC of ICAI